P2P Lending Carnival #4

Thanks to Prosper Lending Review for hosting P2P lending carnival number four. I entered carnivals one and two, but managed to miss number three.

For carnival number four, I entered my post: What were the early Prosper lenders thinking? I decided to select this post because of the interesting Prosper Marketplace history that came out in the comments, so thanks to everyone who commented.

By far, the most useful post of the P2P lending carnival was the one on Prosper Taxes by RateLadder.

DoughRoller had an interesting post on p2p interest rates. That one is very similar to one that I have in draft mode right now, but not so similar that my post will not be different. ;)

I think that this was the first carnival post about Virgin Money which I have mentioned a few times including blogging about the lauch “Go Fund Yourslef!

There were many other interesting articles and they can all be found at the p2p lending carnival host’s post.

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  1. Tom (42 comments.) says:

    There were lots of entries. I learned a lot going through everyone’s posts. Thanks for your post!

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