Second peer to peer lending carnival

I participated in the second peer to peer lending carnival which is hosted at Brip Blap. There were too many good submissions to decide on a favorite post in this carnival, but I will post links and comments below to a few favorites. I submitted my article on Lending Club rejecting most loan applications.

Peer-Lend posted information on the new bidding guidance and interest rates. Moolanomy posted information about his second loan on Prosper. Prosper Lending Review interviewed the Fynanz CEO. (That one was interesting enough that I already blogged about it.) Rate Ladder updated the vintage curves.

WiseClerk make some P2P lending predictions for 2008. One of his predictions (listed at 75% probability) is that we will see insurance against p2p lending defaults. Dough Roller posts how he overcame his fear of p2p lending although he admits that he has not entirely overcome his concerns about lending on Prosper.

I am glad to see a post from a borrower. This time the post comes from Amanda who asks lenders how they would feel about financing a second prosper loan for her. The official Prosper Blog also posted some interesting and unusual tips for borrowers.

Money Smart Life posted an Introduction to P2P lending. It is a very basic introduction and more from the borrowers point of view. Also, I am not sure why Kiva is included in his list of sites since Kiva does not perform the functions he describes in the post. Kiva is for third world entrepreneurs. Kiva is not for people who want a lower interest rate or were rejected by their bank for a loan.

Here is my post on the first peer to peer lending carnival. Also, if you want to participate in the next peer to peer lending carnival, visit the carnival homepage.

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