What NOT to say in your Personal Loan Application

I have been reviewing through a large number of Lending Club loans and noticed some humorous descriptions of the reasons why people want the loan. These should serve as advice for anyone who is planning to write up a Lending Club loan application. Remember that most legal money lenders are investors and want their money back with interest. The main reason that people loan borrowers money is not because you need it but because they believe that you can and will pay back the loan.

Loans are similar to requesting a tourist visa to come to visit the US — the person deciding whether to give the potential visitor the visa wants to know the reason you want to visit mainly to see that it is reasonable. The main thing that they want to know is that you plan to return to your country after you visit.

You need to say SOMETHING in your loan reasoning. Loans numbered 76775, 89258 have the description field left entirely blank and even the subject line does not give any indication of what the money is for. Loan 76775 was not funded but the other one was.
A loan should not be an income supplement. “I just need something that can help me supplement my income a little” People do not loan you money for your day to day income. If you cannot make your current obligations, how are you going to pay off the loan? Loan 74288 was not funded.

Don’t mention that a good portion of the money is to pay your debt to your therapist. At best, it looks like you may be allowing someone to take advantage of you by putting you that much in debt. At worst, it makes you look like you might be unstable. Loan 81682 was not funded.
Don’t mention that you are not going to change your free spending ways and will continue to spend money that you don’t have. “$3,000 to pay off credit cards with insanely high rates, and $2,000 just so I can go on vacation with my friends and not have to stay at the hotel because I can’t afford to do anything.” Did you think that maybe you should tell your friends you can’t afford to go on vacation. Loan 77680 was not funded. I wonder if he wants on vacation anyway.
If you want a business loan, at least tell legal moneylenders what the business is and how you plan to make money: “Initial cashflow to jump-start operations on a small scale.” Loan 94517 did not fund.
Do not mention that it is for a down payment on an item without mentioning how you are going to pay for the rest of the item. “down payment on a Pony!” This is not an excerpt from the application — it is the full description. Loan 76597 did fund in July 2007 and is current.
Don’t mention that your parents will not cosign on loan for you because it makes me think that your parents believe that you cannot pay back the money. “…and my parents refuse to help me by cosigning.” Loan 77915 did not fund and was removed.
Don’t beg for the money — Desperation for the personal loan makes you sound like a poor credit risk. “I desperately need this loan.” Lending Club Loan number 103810 expired without being funded.
I hope that these examples of mistakes in personal loan applications might help you make a better description on your application which should help you have a greater chance of receiving funding for your loan.

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