Free Kiva Gift Certificate Experiment Results - Microlending to Change LivesA few months ago, I gave away a few Kiva Gift Certificates — one via this blog, one via Twitter, and one via Facebook. I wanted to share with you where they went.

Tom at Prosper Lending Review used the first Kiva Certificate. He selected a loan for a restaurant owner in Kabul Afghanistan:

Ghalam Nabie is the son of Share Ahmad, and lives in Kabul, Afghanistan. Ghalam, 54, lives near the Afghan Hotel and is married with five children. He has a small restaurant in the city and has good experience in this field and would like to expand his business to support his family. He is requesting an individual loan of 50,000 Afghans ($1050) for a term of 18 months to enlarge his business and to buy a new desk and table and other necessary things for his shop in order to further his business with more success. Ghalam is very happy to be involved in this loan process and is especially grateful for the help of the AFSG and Kiva. He thanks all lenders around the world.

Erin Coyne, a friend from the Peace Corps and author of a book on Russian Slang that I have pre-ordered, picked up the certificate via Facebook. Erin loaned the money to:

Mr. Yous Ba Try, 35, is married and lives with his wife and a ten year-old child in a part of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He is the head of the family and works as a sculptor designing and making Buddha statues and historical statues from cement and will then sell up for a profit. From his business activity he can moderately make $3 a day of income. Moreover, his wife, Lay Sarorn has a business at home washing motor-bikes and vehicles and makes $3 a day of income.

Yous Ba Try would like to ask for a loan from Kiva to purchase more cement to expand his business. Half of the loan will be used to fix a roof of the building where his wife has her business.

Daniele picked up the certificate linked to from Twitter. She posted in the comments:

I just redeemed your gift certificate, and immediately used it to fund a loan to the Grace group in Uganda, led by Dezilantah Pamba, for the purchase of sewing materials for their tailoring business. Thank you for helping spread the word!

Thank you for letting me know where the money went. It was fun to help spread the word about Kiva this way.

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  1. Tom (42 comments.) says:

    Thanks! I’ve received my first payments and the loan is current.

  2. That is great. I am still wishing that they would come up with a way to allow microfoundations, so I could just consider the whole loan a donation and never get any of the money back.

  3. John(new comment) says:

    I’m new to p2p lending but have been using kiva since 06 and surprisingly never had a default out of 53 microloans. I just let it autoroll it now. Its great. Obviously I don’t make any money but love supporting people who need some cheap cash.

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