First two months blogging p2p lending

Thank you for reading my first two months of blogging P2P lending. During this time, I have written 37 articles on P2P lending as I have shared my experience and learnings about peer-to-peer lending.

I would like to thank all the bloggers who have linked to my posts and added me to their blog roll. P2P No Bank Aggregator (managed by Rate Ladder) has provided a some traffic and makes it easy to break into the P2P lending blogging scene and to keep up with other blogs. Lazy Man and Money also sent many users my direction with the first Peer to Peer Lending Carnival. My MicroFinance (link removed 3/5/2008 because blog now MIA) was the first to add my blog to his blog roll. Other blogs have followed such as Prosper Lending Review and I have received a few mentions in the official Lending Club Blog such as this announcement. Wise Clerk also linked to several of my posts. I am certain that I missed some more bloggers, but I cannot remember all the links at this time.

Bloggers also helped create the content for my most popular post to date “Advice for New Prosper and Lending Club Lenders.”

Also, thanks to Lending Club which has already paid out $175 in referral fees because borrowers or lenders signed up using my affiliate link (which has also paid each of the people who signed up a $25-50 starting account bonus.) Lending Club’s employees have also been generous with stopping by to comment on my posts which is very helpful to both me and the readers of this blog.

My Favorite Posts from the first few months:

My post on advice for new P2P Lenders compiled the advice of several bloggers based upon their experience in the P2P lending market. I also posted on my first Lending Club portfolio selection which generated a response from several Lending Club employees including the CEO. I also turned that portfolio selection into a Lending Club walk through video. I also noticed that Lending Club has been rejecting most loan applicants which generated many comments.

For fun, I asked readers to vote where I should invest my next $500, the investment poll results dictated I would invest my next $500 with Lending Club. I have already made that investment with Lending Club.

I have also blogged multiple times on the subprime mortgage crisis including borrowers paying their mortgage with payday loans and homeowners committing arson to avoid foreclosure. I also advised against borrowing money to lend. The risk is too great especially for new lenders.

I found that Zopa potentially offers the best interest rates since some borrowers are receiving negative interest rates. They can receive negative interest rates due to the help of lenders. Zopa is not the only site allowing charity lending. Kiva allows you to make loans to entrepreneurs in developing nations. MySpace CEO, Chris deWolfe, is obviously a supporter of the concept since he gave MySpace employees Kiva loan credits for Christmas presents.

On my other blog (that I seem to have little time for) I have posted two P2P lending articles including the five prerequisite investments to P2P lending including an emergency fund, 401K, a Roth IRA, etc and I also performed a basic tax impact analysis on P2P loans.

I found the post about Prosper removing criticisms and competitors from Wikipeidia interesting. I used the Wikipedia Scanner to find all the changes made to Wikipedia pages from Prosper Marketplace IP addresses. The changes included removing large sections of criticism and removing a mention of a competitor. However, I still plan to invest in some Prosper loans.

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