Goes Wanting for Borrowers! $1 Million Loaned this week!

For Christmas I posted the free Kiva gift certificate. Tom from Prospser Lending Review redeemed it, but there are no loans open on Kiva right now for him to use the certificate.

From the scrolling banner on Kiva’s site about the impact that Kiva lenders have made this week:

$1,005,000.00 lent.
12,817 lenders made a loan.
17,329 gift certificates purchased.
15,002 new lenders joined.
2,874 entrepreneurs funded.
1 loan was made every 25 seconds.


I also gave a certificate away on Facebook and my friend redeemed it for this loan:

Mr. Yous Ba Try, 35, is married and lives with his wife and a ten year-old child in a part of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He is the head of the family and works as a sculptor designing and making Buddha statues and historical statues from cement and will then sell up for a profit. From his business activity he can … Read More moderately make $3 a day of income. Moreover, his wife, Lay Sarorn has a business at home washing motor-bikes and vehicles and makes $3 a day of income.

Yous Ba Try would like to ask for a loan from Kiva to purchase more cement to expand his business. Half of the loan will be used to fix a roof of the building where his wife has her business.

Congratulations Kiva on your great year. To date Kiva has facilitated over $54 million in micro loans to entrepreneurs in the developing world.

For more about Kiva’s outstanding year, see the Kiva year end review blog post.

Another Gift Certificate Give Away:
I’ll be giving away another gift certificate via Twiter. I am certain that Kiva will have more loans to fund shortly.

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  1. Tom (42 comments.) says:

    The loans go quick but if you keep refreshing the screen you can find them. I just loaned $25 to a restaurant owner in Afghanistan.

    The borrower is requesting $1,050.00. There are 29 days left to find his loan but it will fund in minutes. It is funding so fast you can almost watch it fund ($675 remaining to $625 remaining in the time it took me to type this comment).

  2. And less than two hours later it is completely funded. It is interesting to see who helped fund the loan at the bottom of the page – people from many countries are participating.

  3. Jim Behrens says:

    I think something fishy is going on. I received a partial refund on money I lent and then I heard nothing and it’s been over 7 months. I guess they just keep money they feel like and it doesn’t register as a default since they sent me most, but not all , my money.

    I wonder how many people they have done this to.

  4. I have not heard anything about such situations before. Have you tried contacting the Kiva customer service?

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