Prosper Marketplace Enters Quiet Period

Prosper announced that they are entering a quiet period and will not be accepting new commitments from lenders. This follows on Lending Club’s announcement yesterday that it is coming out of their quiet period. It seems Prosper is interested in having the same form of loans that can be resold which Lending Club announced yesterday.

Update: Prosper Received a Cease and Desist Order from the SEC.

Overall, both announcements are likely to be a good thing for the P2P lending marketplace. Although, with the current credit crunch and market downturn, Prosper’s timing is not ideal. Many people will be seeking alternative forms of credit and investments over the coming months.

Prosper mentions that they will work to ensure that borrowers can still receive funding so that the platform does not completely dry up during the registration process, but it looks like that funding is not secure yet.

Didn’t a Prosper manager boast around the time of the Lending Club quiet period announcement that the registration could be done without a quiet period if it was done correctly?

The note from Prosper Marketplace about the quiet period:

Prosper has started a process to register, with the appropriate securities authorities, promissory notes that may be offered and sold to lenders through our site in the future.

The registration filing is a necessary step toward making the secondary lending market available to the community. This is something many of you have been asking for, and we believe the liquidity of a secondary market will make Prosper even more vibrant.

Until we complete the registration process, we will not accept new lender registrations or allow new commitments from existing lenders. If you’re an existing lender, your current lender agreements will be unaffected; your existing loans will continue to be serviced; you’ll be able to track and monitor your loans; and you’ll be able to withdraw funds from your Prosper account.

If you’re a borrower with an existing loan, you will continue with your current borrower agreement and be unaffected by the registration process. If you’re a borrower seeking a loan, you will still be able to create a new loan listing, which we will endeavor to fulfill through alternative sources.

A successful registration can take several months, but we assure you we will do our best to move forward as quickly as possible. Until this process is complete, we’re required to be in a quiet period and will be unable to respond to press, blogger or other inquiries about Prosper or the registration filing until it becomes effective.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and want to thank you in advance for your understanding and support.


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