Lending club referral program its official

Although not yet formally announced, Lending Club now has an affiliate referral program. Rex Dixon, Director of Social Media Content at Lending Club, has confirmed it in the P2PNoBank Forums. I believe the deal is the same as Prosper’s referral program — $25 for both referrer and the new person who signs up using the link. However, the details are still vague, so check back at the forum while Rex answers more questions about the affiliate program. I’ll also post a summary of the clarifications.

Update: The referral program is now $25 to $50 cash bonus. $25 for funding your account with $500 or receiving a loan and $50 for funding your account with $1000

Please note that I do not recommend using the email system at Lending Club for referring people until they have addressed the issue of the second link to Lending Club not containing the referral code. I mentioned this issue on P2P No Bank forums. Instead you should construct your own email using the link format above to insure that both parties receive the credit.

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