Top ten referrers and posts for the first half of 2008

Thank you to the blogs and forums that sent me the most traffic in the first half of the year. Also, I’d like to take a look back on the most popular posts of my p2p lending blog for the first half of the year.

Top Referrers:

  • 1) Lazy Man and Money has sent me a good deal of traffic because I like his articles enough that I comment frequently on the site. Recent post I liked: Is organic food worth the money?
  • 2) P2P No Bank – I even changed my blog theme to get back on this site.
  • 3) The official prosper blog is also a good source of traffic. Not only does the official blog post the prosper numbers but it also posts interesting items like the history of p2p lending.
  • 4) Rate Ladder often has interesting posts like the Zopa security issue.
  • 5) Despite Peer Lend being more infrequent in posting than me. The site still sends me regular visitors.
  • 6) The very unofficial prosper forums still send me traffic. I occasionally still visit there for posts like the Peak Prosper Theory.
  • 7) Prosperous Land who unfortunately recently quit blogging had many good posts such as listing all the Prosper Days videos.
  • 8 ) Lending Club’s Official Blog was also a frequent referrer.
  • 9) I was surprised to see Moolanomy because I rarely comment there and don’t remember a particular post there that sent me a lot of traffic. I quite liked the recent post on building extra income streams.
  • Wise Clerk was a top referrer.

OK so we reached ten, but I noticed that number 11 was one of my favorite blogs. Other blogs seem to always be posting link bait, top ten lists (do I resemble that remark?), etc, but Brip Blap always has solid content. As I type at midnight, I am thinking back to the recent morning guy / night guy article.

My Top Popular Posts for the First Half of 2008:

  • Advice for new P2P Lenders remains a favorite.
  • The Lending Club Quiet Period round up of bloggers’ comments on the Lending Club suddenly announced quit periodhas also been a favorite.
  • The review of my first loans with Lending Club has been my number three post for 2008 to date.
  • The fact that Lending Club denies most loans has been a popular article.
  • For some reason my article raking Glenn Chapman for his review of Prosper, Lending Club, and Zopa has been the next favorite.
  • One of my favorites because I researched all the details – Prosper Marketplace removed criticisms from Wikipedia.
  • One of my several posts reviewing Lending Club changes was popular.
  • A follow up to the blog roundup of quiet period links, the second post of links related to the Lending Club Quiet Period has also been popular.
  • When Richard Branson says GO FUND YOURSELF with Virgin Money, people listen.
  • My reporting on PLR’s interview with the Chairman of Fynanz rounded out the top ten posts. (Link to original interview.)

So there we have it — the top ten referrers and posts for the first half of 2008

I am too busy to bother to make excuses for the lack of recent posts… 

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